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Culture is the lifeline for the sustainable development of the company. INSURE attaches importance to the company cultural construction and spreads imperceptibly the company value and operation philosophy to the employees so as to form a team full of high condensation and faithfulness. It is the work enthusiasm and creativity performed by every INSURE person that provide the enterprise development with the continual impetuses…

Company's prospect:To pursue the stable and sustainable growth and become an excellent leading company in electronic information industry

Historic mission:To create the platform of the socialized development and serve the public by technology;

Company's spirit:people-oriented, ownership, win-win strategy

Company's value:Others' happiness is our pursuit;Customer satisfaction is our pursuit;

Company's Quality:listening to customers, integrating internal and external resources , continuously improving quality, exceeding customers’ expectations!

Promising team:We are a team which is professional, dedicated, willing and devoted. The purpose for our existence is not only to simply provide the customers with the quality products but deliver our care and happiness to our customers and suppliers through the products and services. Therefore, what we operate is a career cause full of love and happiness. Every product of Insure is a carrier carrying the emotion. We always take the optimistic and positive attitudes to create a happy atmosphere and make our customers, employees and partners live more wonderfully.

We are happy because you are happy!

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